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Sofia Parisi expert in content production, project management and communication.

The Missing Piece will complete the puzzle, helping and coordinating during the whole process.

What we can do together

Content Production Management

For your photo and video shoots, Sofia Parisi, alias The Missing Piece, can provide a creative concept, and choose the most suitable team of photographers, filmmakers, creatives and technicians. 

The Missing Piece can coordinate the content creation process from pre-production to delivery : location scouting, models, logistics, organization, budget, and administration.

Project Management

Not only shootings: at The Missing Piece we love to coordinate every project with organization, regular reporting and efficiency. Budget, team, logistic: Sofia will find the best way to do it. 

It could be a last minute team building organization, a late capsule collection launch, or that extra big project that you weren’t expecting: The Missing Piece will coordinate it for you. 


The Missing Piece can help you with brand storytelling. Taking the first steps in telling the story of your brand, Sofia will be there to help you with brand identity, graphic identity, content creation, and social media.

Public relations and events are an important part of a brand voice. Sofia can write PR, organize press trips, empowerment retreats, training camps, B2B and B2C events suitable to your need.

Who's The Missing Piece

I’m Sofia Parisi. I’m Italian, but I drink « café allongé ». 

Passionate about nature, sport and storytelling, after my studies in Literature and Journalism in Milan, I attended a Sport Marketing and Communication master in Annecy, France.

I’ve been living in the Alps for six years, enjoying life in nature and working in the Outdoor Industry: it all started with writing articles and interviews for outdoor magazines. I still love doing it.

After a three years incredible adventure with Salomon as Image Production Specialist, managing photo and video shootings for the marketing team, I decided to spread my wings. 

The Missing Piece is the new chapter of my professional life as a freelance in content production and project management. 

Based in Biarritz. Shipping worldwide in EN, FR, SP, IT 😉

Sofia on Palladium shooting

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