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Image production


What is image production? Today the world speaks the language of images. It could be a cinematographic high-quality documentary, a short and catchy social media video, or even a beautiful picture of a product, a company, an activity, an association, or a place. All these types of content definitely help brand visibility. But in order to create high quality multimedia content, you need expertise.

You need professional photographers, video makers, art directors and technicians. It’s important to choose the correct location, time and light. You need the right models and maybe a dog or a horse? And most of all, you want all these elements to work together to execute precisely what’s in your marketing and communication plans. 

The Missing Piece – aka Sofia Parisi – can organize and coordinate all of this for you, because she knows marketing and communication needs, but she also understands what are the creatives limits and possibilities of every budget. 

The Missing Piece listens to needs and ideas, provides an artistic concept, pairs it with the right team of creative professionals. Sofia will find the perfect location and models, schedule the shooting, organize logistics and check every detail so that all the people involved work happily together, successfully, and on time. 

Sofia Parisi on an outdoor shooting for Almo Film for a Xiaomi movie 1

Project Management

You could be a company or an agency. It just happened: an extra big projet just arrived. You couldn’t say no but all your teams are super busy, you need some extra resources. 

The Missing Piece is not only about shootings: you have to organize a one week-end event for premium consumers, but you can’t ask your marketing specialists to manage logistics and being present before, during and after the event? You need someone to organize the best team-building day for your team but you don’t really have the time. You have a full new collection -late delivered- to shoot for the next month, but nobody can manage this shooting now? A movie production for a huge brand campaign? You would need one extra person completely dedicated to a project for just some months? Don’t panic!

The Missing Piece can complete an existing team, or coordinate the project from beginning to end. Together with you, Sofia can design the plan, set objectifs and deadlines. The Missing Piece can manage budget and people. She can choose the best professionals for your project. She will provide regular reporting. The Missing Piece is multitasking, efficient, versatile.


You are a small or new brand and you don’t know exactly how to tell your story, talk about your products, find the right words to explain your activity?

The Missing Piece can craft essential materials tailored for your brand outreach, including press releases for the media, presentations for potential investors, attractive visuals with your information for customers. The Missing Piece also offers translation and copywriting as part of the services provided. 

What’s the first things to do to launch your new brand? A new logo and a graphic chart? A simple and functional website? A modern and active Instagram profile? You would love to have someone to explain you in few words how does it works this « social media thing ». 

Digital and traditional communication: Sofia Parisi can give you an advise and help you in your first steps in the communication world.