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Sofia Parisi on an outdoor shooting for Almo Film for a Xiaomi movie

Who's the Missing Piece?

The word « storytelling » was probably not that famous at the time, but I know I was passionate about it since I was a child. Mum can confirm it.

That’s why after 5 years of latin, ancient greek, philosophy (some little maths) in high school, I was still very motivated to study Literature and Journalism in Milan. At the same time, I discovered a love for mountains and the outdoors. Skiing, climbing, studying, running, reading, sunrise, writing, sunset: the perfect life for me. 

During my studies and after a master in Outdoor Sports Marketing and Communication in the French Alps, I started working in the Outdoor Industry: sport and brand communication, athletes and events management, and content creation.

In 2019 I was hired as Image Production Specialist for Salomon marketing team.

Here I landed into the magic world of Image Production: the perfect mix of creativity and project organization. For three years I managed action photo and video shootings, working with marketing experts, photographers, video-makers, production and communication agencies. I learned how to be a good intermediate between marketing needs and creatives possibilities.  Soon I started to enjoy multiple tasks, team and budget management. It’s project management, darling!

In 2022, after 3 years in the Salomon family, I decided to become a free-lance and to make available my expertise to different clients. 

The mission is to be that Missing Piece able to fit a project, complete a team, listen to new ideas, and well understand the client needs,  in order to coordinate in the best way the process from ideas to reality.

Sofia Parisi organizing a shooting

I’ll be always happy to listen to new projects, no matter the field of your activity. I’m curious and open-minded, and surrounded by a network of professional artists ready to switch their creativity on, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

Sofia Parisi

+33 0781661002