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The Rolling Ball – Xiaomi Studios x ALMO Film

ALMO Film is a production company based in Nice and Biarritz specialized in documentary and advertising production, with a specific focus on the action sports and outdoor industry. The Missing Piece had the privilege of being involved with ALMO Film as the line producer for this exciting project during the summer of 2023. This venture was a cinematic achievement for Xiaomi India, as the entire movie was exclusively shot using the new Xiaomi 13 Pro, equipped with Leica Lens.

The film, directed by the talented Sebastien Abes, with director of photography Alex Heitler, tells the heartwarming story of a young Indian boy whose aspirations to become a cricket champion unfold through the lens of Xiaomi’s innovative technology. The narrative beautifully captures the dreams and determination of the protagonist, supported by the love and encouragement of his mother. Aubin Vaissiere, the skilled behind-the-scenes movie creator, provided a unique perspective into the making of this movie: the ALMO Film team innovatively introduced specific and unique rigs, leading to captivating visuals that pushed the traditional boundaries of filmmaking. Moreover, this shooting was a fascinating opportunity to explore iconic locations, including Jaipur and Delhi, while collaborating with an exceptional Indian team. 

The collaboration between ALMO Film, Xiaomi India, and the creative direction of Midori Creative agency was further strengthened by the invaluable support from the local production agency Hyatt. Their assistance was very helpful in actors casting, location scouting, and securing props and technical materials both before and during the shooting. As the line producer, The Missing Piece supervised and ensured that every aspect of the production met the high standards set for this project, contributing to the success of this memorable venture.

Overall shooting days: 3 days in Jaipur and 1 in Delhi

Team: 3 people for the ALMO Film team. On shooting around 20 people including the Hyatt Films team

Brand: Xiaomi Studios

Agency: Midori Creative and ALMO Creative

Produced by: ALMO Film  

Local production: Hyatt Films

Directed by: Sebastian Abes

Artistic director: Morgan Le Faucheur

Dop: Alex Heitler

Bts: Aubin Vaissaire

Producer: Franck Corbery

Line Producer: Sofia Parisi