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Salomon Cross Family FW22​

Photo d'une femme portant une veste Salomon sous une cascade

Throughout this shooting, our primary goal was to showcase the technical excellence of Salomon products designed for hiking and trail running in challenging weather conditions. To achieve this, we specifically selected locations with muddy terrains, rain, and lush green vegetation. 

Together with Loïc Baillaird, we organized the week-long shoot with precision. Two vans facilitated our mobility, and we strategically split into two teams, enabling us to cover diverse locations around Galicia. The campaign included shooting for hiking and trail running products, as well as waterproof jackets. The overarching concept was to produce visuals, encompassing both photos and videos, that not only highlighted the products in action but also conveyed the natural surroundings and evoked inspiration.

The team comprised two photographers, two video makers, and eight models, collectively ensuring a dynamic and comprehensive visual narrative. The resulting content found its place across omnichannel communication platforms, including the website, newsletters, social media, product videos, and retail channels.

Overall shooting days: 5 days

Team: 14 people

Brand: Salomon

Producers: Loïc Bailliard and Sofia Parisi   

Photographers: Manon Guenot and Cedric Corroy

Video: Julien Raison and Valerien Duttel

Models: Olivia Jean-Gilles, Kevin Meffre, Cedric Ganguia, Tom Pagani, Lena Joos, Dominique Granger, Etienne Marin, Ariane Moreau.