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Salomon Bonatti Jackets FW23

The Missing Piece-Sofia Parisi-Salomon-shooting-Bonatti-jackets-ARR_0457

In march 2023 The Missing Piece was involved on the shooting for the brand Salomon, focusing on creating captivating photos and videos for the Bonatti jackets collection, waterproof vests designed for trail running in the FW23 season. The picturesque setting chosen for this project was the Basque Country, a location known for its atmospheric and rainy winter weather, perfectly aligning with the desired conditions for showcasing the Bonatti jackets.

Situated on a cliff overlooking the ocean, the chosen location provided a stunning backdrop for the four models to run along a scenic trail. The Missing Piece took charge of model scouting and successfully identified four profiles who corresponded to the needs of the shooting. Beyond model selection, The Missing Piece actively contributed to logistical and planning organization, providing valuable support to Etienne Marin, the Salomon representative overseeing the project.

The content, captured by the photographer and videographer Guillaume Arrieta, was strategically spread across various channels during the FW23 season, including Instagram, the official website, and newsletters. Additionally, the images found prominent placement in Salomon stores, contributing to the successful promotion and representation of the new waterproof jacket collection.

The Missing Piece-Sofia Parisi-Salomon-shooting-Bonatti-jackets-ARR_8593
The Missing Piece-Sofia Parisi-Salomon-shooting-Bonatti-jackets-ARR_0923_2

Overall shooting days: 1 day

Team: 7 people

Brand: Salomon

Photographer and video maker: Guillaume Arrieta  

Producer: Sofia Parisi

Models: Cecile Grimaud, Theo Landry, Cosima Paraiso (The Wave Agency), Hans Desaire.

The Missing Piece-Sofia Parisi-Salomon-shooting-Bonatti-jackets-ARR_1852_2
The Missing Piece-Sofia Parisi-Salomon-shooting-Bonatti-jackets-ARR_0155
The Missing Piece-Sofia Parisi-Salomon-shooting-Bonatti-jackets-ARR_4042_2
The Missing Piece-Sofia Parisi-Salomon-shooting-Bonatti-jackets-ARR_3494_2