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Millet (High)Story - Podcast

The brand Millet supports the three most important high mountain guides companies in the Alps: Chamonix, Cervinia and Grindelwald. This podcast aimed to talk about the role of high mountain guides with their clients, in the fascinating and complex terrain of glaciers and peaks.

The concept of the podcast was created in France, and the first episodes were realized in French with Chamonix mountain guides. But for the Italian episodes the agency needed someone able to exactly understand the concept and replicate it in Italian with Cervinia mountain guides. The Missing Piece joined the project at this moment in order to prepare and do the interviews in Cervinia with two mountain guides and their clients, register the intro and outro voices, find an Italian sound designer and work with him to select the best part of the interviews and edit the podcast. 

The deliverables were two articles for the Millet website blog (in English and Italian) and two podcasts. 

Agency: Outdoor Perspectives