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A Kind of Happiness – Storytelling Hub​

Some life stories deserve to be told: A Kind of Happiness tell the stories about people who made inspiring life choices, based on personal values and passions. Every story is deeply connected to a particular place on earth, which is the heart of the story, together with the protagonist. 

Each story was filmed or photographed by a different creative: we spent some days in these incredible places, interviewing people, and telling their stories with pictures, videos and articles. 

The Missing Piece was at the origin of this self-funded project: finding the stories, creating the creative team, organizing travels and shooting days, doing interviews, supervising video editing, creating and managing the website and social medias, writing articles and publishing the stories. 

Photos: Jean Hacquart, Soren Rickards, Loic Bailliard

Videos: Loic Bailliard, Julien Raison